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SETI@home statistics

BOINC distributed computing project at UC Berkeley.

Bundeswehr rank insignia and my German knives and watches

German rank structure. When I made this page there didn't seem to be much English info on the Internet about the modern German military.

Conflict: Middle East

Political game from 1990 that's no longer sold, play as the 1997 Israeli leader. 36 small PC data files have the minor glitches that are on my original 5 1/4" disks, this copy is from a freeware site. Good laptop computer game that's more entertaining than Solitaire. Save file for weapons purchase.

French Foreign Legion

Elite fighting forces with a long history and a code of ethics.

World's finest fighting organization.

NASA's Picture of the Day

Pictures from NASA for every day of the year. June 5, 1998.