France and England in October 2000

Passport control In England.

After checking out the obvious landmarks we took the Chunnel train to Paris.

Eiffel Tower.

Arc de Triomphe. Napoleon built it.

Catacombs are an old Roman rock quarry that contain the skeletons of over six million people from every walk of life. Sewer tour with a museum with historic stuff people lost.

Le Louvre is perhaps the best museum in the world. In no way child friendly. What were they thinking when they built this pyramid?

Venus de Milo as I shot her in 1988.

Venus de Milo 2000.

Mona Lisa Gabon.

A horse gas mask from WWII (War Museum).

Disneyland Paris, kids got upset when the "L-stick girl" kept turning them away from the rides. Size limits seemed to be about five feet tall.

The haunted house here had a dead lady theme.

Adventure Land. Same stuff, Pirates isn't as good, the "Blue" restaurant is better.

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