Knife Collection

Knife Collection

Boker Infinity

Ceramic blade is made in Japan on a German material patent using a hot pressing process of zirconium oxide, like artificial gems.


Designed by a French Canadian in 1988 and built in Solingen, Germany. Slide to open with automatic closing for a more legal out the front carry.

Boker Meteorite

Boker 25 year anniversary of their annual Damascus style. 300 layer blade made with meteorite from Gibeon, Namibia.

Mercator K55

"Cat knife" from 21st-century Solingen that's made with the same carbon steel locking blade as earlier versions.

Bundeswehr Taschenmesser

Just like any other multifunction pocketknife. Marked: CCM ROSTFREI (rust-free).

Bundeswehr Einhand Taschenmesser

One Hand Trekker that's supposedly issued to German forces, at least that's what the advertisement said. The addition of a locking blade makes it safer to use over the old style. Marked: VICTORINOX SWITZERLAND STAINLESS.

Bundeswehr LL80

Eickhorn "1865-1985" edition from Solingen. Spike is for rope knots. Modern version works the same as the Fallschirmjager gravity knife on which they're based.

Bundeswehr Kampfmesser

West German issue combat knife. Marked: HSK 1970.

Bundeswehr Kampfmesser 2000

NATO Mil-Spec can be used by any American who wants to buy one.

Bundeswehr Marine Messer

Navy utility knife with a blade crafted in Remscheid. Marked: BUND DONGES 5110-12-126-2475.

Bundeswehr Bordmesser

Navy rigging knife. Marked: BUND TSR Rostfrei.

DDR AK-47 Bajonett

Bayonet made in East Germany for the AK-47.

DDR AKM Bajonett

Old bayonets made in East Germany for the AKM.

DDR AKM Bajonett

Later bayonet made in East Germany for the AKM.

US M7 Bajonett

Old bayonet made in West Germany for the M16.

Other stuff

Al Mar Eagle Classic.

Automatic knives that aren't legal for civilian carry in California, these are Boker Kalashnikov, Lightning OTF, and Cupid style.

Automatic knives that are legal for California carry, these are CobraTec Mini Mamba, Lightning Fireball, and Microtech Troodon Mini.

Fixed blade 2.5 inch Buck 196 Mini Alpha Hunter.

Camillus Model 1760 utility knife, this one issued in 1973.

Traditional Japanese style katana from China that's made with more efficient assembly line forging methods.

Any size folding knife can be legally carried most public places in my home state, this is a Gerber Combat.

The Gerber Covert is a 3/4 scale version of the Gerber Combat.

KA-BAR Mark 2 fighting utility knife, type issued to Marines.

KA-BAR TDI designed to be worn under a police duty belt.

Ontario RAT 1 is a highly regarded budget utility knife.

Scrimshaw knife (Commerce Department # 319667) from Maui, teeth are harvested from dead sperm whales.

Popular military and police companion SOG Pentagon S14.

Available in various similar styles, this is a Spyderco Jess Horn C38 lightweight knife.

2.25 inch stainless key chain, Swiss pocketknife.

Bayonet made in Belgium for the Argentine FN-49.

Bayonets made in China for the SKS and AKM sporter.

Bayonet made in Denmark for the M1 Garand.

Bayonet made in Hungary for the M95 Mannlicher.

Bayonet made in India for the Enfield No 1 Mk III.

Bayonets made in Spain for the FR7, FR8, or CETME.

Bayonet made in Sweden for the Model 1896 Mauser.

Bayonets made in Switzerland for the Karabiner 1931.

Bayonet that was shortened for the Turkish Mauser.

Bayonet made in the UK for the Enfield No 4 Mk 1.